Saturday, 28 March 2009

Piping, Purchases, Disasters & Inspiration....

I have a incredibly horrible job with one benefit, I get to shop for an hour at lunch:) When I have a project I am a women on a mission. This week I have been a very good girl and have not bought a single cupcake thing erm... other than a few ingredients yesterday and one tub of topping/sprinkle things. The week before though I certainly went to town! I found Asda has a great selection of sprinkles so I had to stock up on them. I got some silicone spatulas also from Asda - these are great! You will not leave any mixture on the side of the bowl when you use one, I am totally converted to silicone kitchen tools now. I did purchase some mini silicone cupcake cases from a pound shop after nearly been ripped off on ebay by the very same ones! I have not tried them yet so can not recommend. The piping bag hunt ended up with a purchase from Debenhams, I did not want to spend a lot because I will never be Queen of sugar craft but this was actually the only one I could find! I guess you need to be in the know.

The piping bag. Well I was not aiming for anything clever but other than the very first one which you can see at the top of my page the rest were awful! I can not decide if it was a slightly different recipe or a kitchen too warm but the consistency of the butter icing simply went pear shaped, I will definitely give it another go though.

This weekend I am thinking Lemon, lemon curd maybe poppy seeds. I want to try out my mini silicone cup cases too.

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