Saturday, 21 March 2009

Small and Sweet

I currently have a real obsession with making cupcakes, yes a bit odd. I think I tend to get an idea in my head and it slowly grows into an obsession of sorts, to the point where I went to sleep thinking about cupcakes and woke up thinking about them! No I was not hungry. I more enjoy the experience of making than eating, but yes both are good. We often made fairy cakes as kids and I have made cupcakes for my nephews on a few occasions but this is different....... I am browsing pictures of cupcakes, buying books on cupcakes, buying goodies for cupcakes and doodling pictures of cupcakes. I obviously have that addictive collector type gene which I am told I get from my Dad ha ha.

I have a yearning to be a bit creative but it is almost impossible to do any of the crafts I like in the tiny apartment I currently inhabit and all my materials are in storage but I have a kitchen so bake is something I can do. I am not great, but my nephew says I make the best chocolate cakes, given that my sister thinks jacket potato and beans is a gourmet meal I am not sure I should take this as a compliment ;) I like the small scale of cupcakes and the variety. I like the decoration its creative without going to far into the whole sugar craft thing. I think when you start off pretty rubbish at something it makes for a big project to reach perfection and if I never reach that I can guarantee I will at least get fat!

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