Sunday, 5 April 2009

Candy Shop Cupcakes

I have bought a loads of sweets and chocolate for cupcake decorations (are hidden away out of sweetie loving eyes). I made some standard vanilla cupcakes in two different sizes, I actually used my mini silicone cups which are good for a tiny cupcake snack. Again impressed with silicone, the cakes pop out and are certainly not for serving in. I definitely think will be good for those savoury cupcakes that stick to the paper cases. I used standard cupcake case for the other half of the cakes, basically following vanilla cupcake recipe you would get 12 standard or double the mini silicone one.

I tried a glace icing with pink colouring:

Recipe for icing

7 oz of icing
juice of one large lemon
colouring of choice

Its a case of add all ingredients and mix add more icing or lemon to get smooth consistency and spread thick on cooled cupcakes and decorate with sweeties! I chose lovehearts which were cute on the mini cupcakes and jelly milk cows, the choice is endless though eh. Are very nice and icing is soooo tangy. I think these will last better because of icing but I am still looking for the perfect air tight container for cup cakes as the sweet tins just don't do it.

Photos to follow and my banana breakfast muffins which erm smell good (just from oven) but are square due to fact are muffin size and my tin isn't!


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