Sunday, 10 May 2009

A Banana Disaster

I made some banana muffins the other week which were an utter disaster and as I promised to share the disasters to I am going to. I will not share the recipe though I think when you see the photos and I tell you I did not use a muffin tin you may agree this is the reason why. I must also mention I think I was over generous with the banana making them extra moist or should that be too moist! In fact my official taster (the cupcake elf shall we call him) complained were not cooked enough when in fact had too many moist bits of banana in them. Well the elf ate none of them claiming the fairy queen would want them for breakfasts, yeah right whatever. Anyway I now have a muffin tin and will attempt again using a different recipe. I don't give up. By the way they actually did taste good and would of been yummy with custard. And now for the ugly picture.......

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