Saturday, 16 May 2009

Butterfly & Bugs

I decided to do something a bit fun today and at same time try out the silicone butterfly cake mould I bought a while back. You will see from the photos that it certainly is fun and not a sugarcraft work of art! I do like the mini cupcakes which I think have turned out pretty cute and have inspired a few design ideas. The butterfly was simply a blank canvas to doodle on rather than a carefully executed design and I do not know why but I much prefer the scale of a cupcake and the endless ideas that it brings. I made a few purchases this week which I will talk about/bore you with in my next post but as you can see I have been using icing pens. I know they are not the things of pros but as someone who is not an expert at icing and does not have the most steady of hands I love them. Icing pens are great on gingerbread too. I am all for the silicone moulds, I liked how this left a pattern and could of been left uniced or iced in a simple (erm less messy) way. I used a vanilla cupcake recipe, see early posts and coloured glace icing flavoured with orange and lemon. The butterfly could be decorated with sweets/candy alone and think would make a great kids cake on a bigger scale especially surrounded by the tiny cupcakes with flowers and ladybirds/ladybugs. I have not tried either yet but my other half stole tiny cupcake (should of been six!) and said it was good :)
just so you can see how teeny tiny these are!
Silicone butterfly case and mini cupcakesTeeny tiny bugs and flowers

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