Sunday, 10 May 2009

A Sprinkle Of Fairy Dust

I made a batch of cupcakes last weekend on request of the Elf and I must say they were the tastiest to date. The recipe is the basic one I used in my earliest posts but the two ingrediants which differed were the margarine and sugar. Tesco Express being what it is did not have Stork my choice of margarine and did not have caster sugar so I substituted Stork with Utterly Butterly and just used ordinary sugar, which seemed to result in a very fluffy buttery sponge. I normaly use lemon juice to mix my icing but decided to try clemintines as we had some at home and was surprised to see they naturally coloured the icing a pale peachy colour which was a bonus. So half the batch were iced with asorted sprinkles and the other half with chocolate on the Elf's request. I used a plain fairtrade organic chocolate melted and decorated with white chocolate mice which I mutilated with a knife and white chocolate jazzies (buttons). Were so good I had to have an iced one incorporated into my weightwatchers diet everyday. 3.5 points thats all! Chocolate ones less diet friendly I guess.

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