Sunday, 9 May 2010

Jammy Stars Cookies

More Jam! The reason for making these Jammy star cookies is that having made a visit to the bakers for bread etc I had (or thought I had) purchased some jammy star cookies along with other treats. When got home and checked my bag no jammy stars!!! Either she never put them in the bag or never heard me. I was looking forward to one with a cup of tea boohoo! Anyway I thought I would make some using a shortcake recipe and raspberry jam. I am sure my jammy stars are better than the bakers he he.

Here is the recipe:
Jammy Star Cookies

9 oz/250 g plain flour
3 oz/75g caster sugar
6 oz/175g butter fruit jam (jelly or preserve) of your choice
icing sugar to dust
large round cutter and small star cutter

This is such an easy recipe with few ingredients, but look and taste great. Heat oven to 160 c/ 325 f/gas 3. Grease a baking tray. Remember when deciding how much to mix up that each jammy cookie requires two cookies! Mix flour and sugar together and rub in butter or margarine, knead together to form a dough type consistency. Flour the surface and flatten and roll out the dough. Using the large round cutter cut out an equal number of cookies. using the star cutter cut a star from half of you round cookies and place all cookies on the prepared greased tray. Now you can ether cook the stars to make cute mini cookies like me or you could press back together to make another big cookie. Bake in oven for approximately 30 minutes or till firm and golden brown.

Allow to cool completely on a cooling rack.
When cool spread your jam on the round cookie, be generous but do not spread to edge as remember the cookie with the cutout star will press the jam down. place the cookie with cutout star on top of the jammed cookie and dust with icing sugar. Great easy classic cookie. FQ x


  1. A GREAT idea, but, wouldn't you need more than flour, sugar, and butter to make a good cookie? Water, eggs, vanilla maybe?

  2. Shortbread is not a cookie, it is a traditional scottish biscuit and does not include any of the ingredients you mention. Check out this link :)